Clubs to manage in FM19

Just 5 more weeks until the full game of FM 2019 is released. But with what club will you start a save? Below are a few club-suggestions in random order to help you with your choice.

Sunderland A.F.C.

What happened to Sunderland in the last few years? After being in the Premier League for a good number of years and after relegating last year to the Championship, they relegated back-to-back to the Football League One and are falling further down. Even in the Football League One they cannot stay on top and are currently in third position. What will happen when you takeover the manager-position at Sunderland? Can you get this club to return to the Premier League?


After winning the Serie A last year nobody thought that Juventus will make the transfer of the year. Christiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid and joined Juventus for a whopping 100 million euro. Can you make CR7 the icon Juventus want him to be? Can you make Juventus a serious contender for winning the Champions League in the coming years? And what will happen to Ronaldo after he retires? Maybe you can use him to tutor a youth-player.


18 years! That is how long the fans of Feyenoord had to wait until their next title. In 2016/2017 Feyenoord finally won the Eredivsie after 18 years. In the next season they came 4th. Will the fans of Feyenoord Rotterdam have to wait another 18 years until the next title or can you help Feyenoord clinching the title in the next few seasons?

RC Deportivo La Coruña

In the beginning of the 2000s Deportivo La Coruña was a club with yearly European run. Playing the Champions League semi-final in 2003/2004 and they played in the UEFA Cup in 2008/2009. Two years later they relegated to La Liga 2, the next year they promoted back to La Liga 1 to be relegated again next season and again promoting the season after that. They stayed in La Liga 1 until last season when they ended on the 18th position and relegated to La Liga 2 once again. Can you get Deportivo La Coruña back to their European glory and maybe more?


And end of an era. That’s all I can say about Arsene Wenger. After 22 years Wenger it is now time for you to try to get Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League. The last win of the league dates back to the season 2003/2004. And how about some European silverware? Can you get Arsenal to win the Champions League for the first time in 25 years?

Hamburger SV

Another big club which is relegated after years of performing on the top level. But Hamburger SV does it on another level. They relegated to the 2. Bundesliga after being in the Bundesliga since the beginning of the league in 1963. Can you bring them back to the Bundesliga and the long lost glory of playing in Europe?

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