Contract negotiations in FM 2019

Money. It’s something not everyone wants to think about playing Football Manager. But it is very important. It can make or break your club and career. Every player or staff member you sign, every clause in their contract, everything needs to be planned thoroughly. In this post you’ll get some tips and tricks about signing contracts and using the clauses to your advantage.

Every player is trying to milk you for everything you have and are very greedy. Watch this example below.

Requested contract Final contract
Appearance fee€150
Unused sub fee€100€100
Goal bonus€100€100
Promotion bonus€1.500€750
Yearly wage rise10%
Contract length2 years2 years
Total costs for year 1€34.400€33.450
Total costs for year 2€37.000€33.450
Total costs contract€71.400€71.400

If you look at the example above you can see that you save money in the long term. With some negotiations, for example giving a higher base wage, you save around €4.500 in a 2 year contract. If you managed this for all your players (with a squad of 25) you can save €112.500. Especially if you are managing in the lower leagues, this money can be used to attract new and better players, invested in your facilities and moves your club into a better position.

In my saves I always try to remove any appearance fees and yearly wage rises. These clauses can set you back a lot. When you are playing the lower leagues it’s also advisable to remove the unused sub fee. This is money you are just throwing away for players who aren’t playing any or a few matches.

If we look at the higher leagues, for example the Premier League, you can see that the above tactic for contact negotiations also work. Look at the example below from my FM 19 Beta-save.

Requested contract Final contract
Appearance fee€10.000
Unused sub fee€1.100€1.000
Clean sheet bonus€11.250€10.000
Avoid relegation bonus€275.000€275.000
Yearly wage rise10%
Contract length3 years3 years
Total costs for year 1€1.877.500€1.935.000
Total costs for year 2€2.007.500€1.935.000
Total costs for year3€2.150.500€1.935.000
Total costs contract€6.035.500 €5.805.000

You can see that giving the player a higher base wage, removing the appearance fee and the yearly wage rise, gives you an extra €230.500 to spend on other players or staff. Having a squad of 25 player it can save you more than €5.000.000 in 3 years. This type of saving is huge and is something you should always think about when you are in contract negotiations with your players.

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