European Alphabet – Part 1

Welcome to my new Football Manager story. After the problems in FM18 with my hard drives, I will try to get a new story going in Football Manager 2019. I will start during the beta, but it will carry over to the full game. The challenge I will be taken on this year is the European Alphabet Challenge. In short, it is the challenge to win every highest national leagues and cups of all European countries. For more info, you can check out my FM19 challenges.

Who are SK Austria Klagenfurt?

SK Austria Klagenfurt is an Austrian football club, based in the Carinthian capital Klagenfurt, currently playing in the Austrian Football First League (Erste Liga). SK Austria Klagenfurt was founded on 19 January 2007 and is regarded by many fans as the successor of 1920 founded Austria Klagenfurt. They started playing in the third tier in season 2010/2011. The club finished 5th last year in the third tier and was promoted to the Erste Liga. They were promoted once before, just to relegate the next year. This year they are projected to finish in 14th position and relegated once more to the third tier.

A new story…

Austria Klagenfurt gets a new manager

09-07-2018 | Sportklub Austria Klagenfurt have announced the appointment of Damien van Dijk as the club’s new manager. The 31-year-old Dutchman has signed a one-year contract at the Austrian club. During the press conference Damien stated “being very excited to start my football manager career at a club with such a rich history”.

Austria Klagenfurt secure the signing of 2 players

17-07-2018 | SK Austria Klagenfurt have completed the signing of Sasa Lazic. The 22-year-old midfielder was out of contract and was signed on a 4-year contract. After switching to three different clubs in the last year, Vienna, Rad Belgrad and Podrinje, he languished for a long-term contract. He hopes Austria Klagenfurt is the place to be.

Also out-of-contract Austrian-player Patrick Wessely has been signed by Austria Klagenfurt. The left-back has also signed a 4-year contract. He played for the Bulgarian side of Septembri Sofia for 6 months, after which his contract was terminated. He was looking for a club in his home country of Austria and found Austria Klagenfurt to be that club.

Both Lazic and Wessely could be featuring in the first round of the OFB-Cup.

Austria Klagenfurt preseason results

19-07-2018 | Starting at the club just last week and the competition starting in a weeks time, Damien van Dijk had just a few games to familiarize himself with the players and the club. His first results as manager of SK Austria Klagenfurt are as followed:

13-07 – TSV St. Johann im Pongau – SK Austria Klagenfurt: 2-2
15-07 – SV Feldkirchen – SK Austria Klagenfurt: 1-0
18-07 – SK Austria Klagenfurt – Augsburg: 1-3

Not the start the new manager wanted, but let’s see what he can do in the cup and the league.

Van Dijk set his sights for young talents

19-07-2018 | The last few days the rumours Damien van Dijk, manager of Austria Klagenfurt, was about to sign some youngsters were getting stronger and stronger and it appeared to be a little more than a rumour. Austria Klagenfurt secured the signing of Heiner Adomat, a 16-year-old defender with great potential, for the next 4 years. “Heiner wil occasionally feature in the first-team squad just to get used to the level of football we are playing. I hope he can reach his potential and have a long stay at the club.”, manager Van Dijk said to a local newspaper.

First round of the OFB-Cup

21-07-2018 | Goals galore in the first competitive match of the new Austria Klagenfurt manager Damien van Dijk. The match against the amateurs of ASV Siegendorf ended in 6-1. After a quiet first half hour, Austria Klagenfurt scored two goals in 3 minutes. Volkan Akyildiz tapped the ball into the back of the net after a beautiful cross from Sasa Lazic. The second goal came from a free kick by Tshimango which was headed into the goal by Patrick Greill. Just before half time Akyildiz set his goal count to two after extending the cross from Patrick Wessely. In the second half Siegendorf tried to do something back which resulted in an own goal from Ousseini Mounpain. That was the last we saw from Siegendorf while Austria Klagenfurt increased the score to 6-1 with goals from Sasa Lazic, the third goal of Akyildiz from the penalty-spot and an own goal by Dietmar Knoflach of Siegendorf. All in all a good match from Austria Klagenfurt which sees them through to the next round.

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