European Alphabet – Part 2

Season is about to begin. Let’s see if we can get a good set of games to begin this challenge the right way.

Austria Klagenfurt loses in league debut Van Dijk

27-07-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt was not able to win their first league match under their new manager Damien van Dijk. In a very close match which was headed to a draw, got his first and only goal in the 72nd minute. Wiener Neustadt took a corner which, after a few passes, landed in the feet of Dominik Reiter, who only had to tap the ball into the back of the net.

Another yougster signed by Austria Klagenfurt

29-07-2018 | After securing Adomat last week, now Damien van Dijk, manager of Austria Klagenfurt, strikes again. Now he has signed Dirk Mohr, a 16-year-old Austrian central-midfielder on a 4-year deal. Dirk Mohr told the press: “I am very happy to play for this club and I hope my manager can help me reach the top of my abilities”. After losing the first match in the league, will Van Dijk get some new players for the first team or will he be searching for more youngster. Only time will tell.

Austria Klagenfurt loses to FC BW Linz in boring game

03-08-2018 | This friday-evening match started at 18:30 and people hoped to see an exciting game with a lot of chances. The game they saw was a very dull and didn’t saw a lot of action. The only goal came in the 16th minute when Thomas Fröschl fired a screamer in the left bottom corner. In the rest of the match there weren’t any clear cut chances on both sides.

Mihajlovic changes clubs

06-08-2018 | Slobodan Mihajlovic has found a new club. After two loan spells at FC Dornbirn 1913 he signed a 4-year deal at SK Austria Klagenfurt. On the website of Austria Klagenfurt Mihajlovic said he is glad to find a permanent place after the loan deals and will try to get Austria Klagenfurt to greater heights.

First win for Austria Klagenfurt

10-08-2018 | In the third round of the Erste Liga Austria Klagenfurt took on the 2nd team of FC Wacker Innsbruck. Austria Klagenfurt was in control the whole match, but couldn’t convert all chances into goals. The only goal from this match was made in the 15th minute by Ousseini Mounpain who headed a nice free kick crossed from the right side into the box. The rest of the match Austria Klagenfurt was in complete control, but couldn’t extend their lead. They defended the lead and got the first win of the season.

Goalless but interesting

17-08-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt took on Kapfenberger today. In a game with a lot of chances, it’s strange non of them were upgraded to goals. Fortunately, the match was entertaining for the neutral viewer, but I think both sides would rather have taken a win.

Joseph Asante out on loan to Cesena

23-08-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt’s Joseph Asante went out on loan to Cesena. The right-back wanted to play more than his manager was giving him, so he asked for a loan-deal. He got his wish and went on a one-year loan spell at AC Cesena in Italy.

Austria Klagenfurt fight back for 1-1 draw at bold Austria Lustenau

24-08-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt rescued a draw in the match against Austria Lustenau. After being 1-0 down from the 16th minute, due to a goal from Patrick Hasenhüttl, Holly Tshimanga scored the equalizer in the 52nd minute. Austria Lustenau had control the whole match, but weren’t able to get another goal in.

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