European Alphabet – Part 3

We continue in our first season. It looks good and the prediction of the media of ending in the lower part of the table is not where it will end…

New centre-back for Austria Klagenfurt

26-08-2018 | Manager Van Dijk did some last minute business at the end of the transferwindow. The 22-year old Austrian centre-back Mladen Jutric signed a 4-year deal with Austria Klagenfurt. He was out of contract after last season as Kapfenberger didn’t renew his contract. Mladen Jutric is considered a no-nonsense centre-back with some good jumping abilities.

In other news, Austria Klagenfurt let Luca Pollanz go to SV Feldkirchen. Pollanz was on a non-contract at Austria Klagenfurt and wasn’t getting the amount of game-time he wanted, so he decided to leave the club.

Austria Klagenfurt shoots up the table

31-08-2018 | The game in the Gernot Langes Stadion was really one-sided with SK Austria Klagenfurt winning the game comfortably with 3-0. Austria Klagenfurt created a nice number of clear cut chances with the first one resulting in a penalty when Lukas Katnik pushed Patrick Greil to the ground. Markus Rusek slotted it home. Austria Klagenfurt went on to dominate the game in the second half, resulting in a second goal by Slobodan Mihajlovic. The game ended with a beautiful header from a corner by Scott Kennedy.

Fifth game undefeated for Austria Klagenfurt

14-09-2018 | After a week of international football, the league continues. Austria Klagenfurt took on SV Holm at the Wörthersee Stadion. The game started explosive with a beautiful free kick from SV Horn’s Miroslav Milosevic. It took Austria until the second half to get the score even. After Julian Velisek tripped Dirk Mohr in the penalty area. Slobodan Mihajlovic fired in the left bottom corner. For the last ten minutes of the game, Austria Klagenfurt changed their tactic to a more attacking formation which resulted in a free kick on the edge of the box. Sandra Zakany crossed it into the penalty area and found the head of Sasa Lazic, who headed the ball into the net. A nice 2-1 victory for Austria Klagenfurt.

 Austria Klagenfurt’s streak continues

21-09-2018 | Another weekend of league football, another win for Austria Klagenfurt. This time they took on FC Juniors OÖ at home. The game was really one-sided with Austria Klagenfurt scoring 2 goals. Volkan Akyildiz scored in the 28th minute after a beautiful long pass from Maximiliano Moreira. Markus Rusek doubled the scoreline when he shot the ball into the net after his header was saved by the keeper and landed just in front of his feet.

Austria Klagenfurt continue OFB-Cup adventure

25-09-2018 | In the second round of the OFB-Cup Austria Klagenfurt took on the Bundesliga side of Mattersburg. Mattersburg was in control the complete match, but couldn’t convert all of their chances into goals. Just after half-time Austria Klagenfurt was passing the ball nicely around, when the ball finally got to Benedikt Pichler on the left side. He crossed it in and found Slobodan Mihajlovic, who headed the beautifully just left of the goalkeeper. The rest of the match Austria Klagenfurt succesfully managed to keep their goal clean so they will continue in the OFB-Cup.

Liefering cannot set Austria Klagenfurt aside

28-09-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt extended their unbeaten run again today. This time against Liefering away. The match started very lively with chances on both sides. In the 14th minute Austria Klagenfurt got in front with a nice tap-in from Volkan Akyildiz. Liefering did something back just 5 minutes later when Sékou Koïta scored from a nicely executed counter. After half time Volkan Akyildiz got his second goal of the evening when Holly Tshimanga put in a nice cross straight onto Akyildiz’s head. Unfortunatley Austria Klagenfurt couldn’t keep their lead. Mahamadou Dembélé headed a cross right to the goalkeeper of Austria Klagenfurt, who completely mistimed the header and saw the ball end up in the back of the net.

Austria Klagenfurt remains their unbeaten streak

05-10-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt took on the bottom of the table SV Lafnitz. It was a bad game from both sides. Austria Klagenfurt eventually took the game when they received a penalty in the 20th minute. Ousseini Mounpain slotted it home. They got another penalty just before half time, but this time goalkeeper Andreas Zingl dove into the right corner and stopped the shot from Mounpain. The second half was dull and neither of the sides created a chance to mention.

When will they lose?

19-10-2018 | After the week of international football, the league went on. Austria Klagenfurt welcomed Vorwärts Steyr to their homeground. Austria Klagenfurt played very well and created a lot of chances, but couldn’t convert these chances into goals. Austria Klagenfurt got behind within the first 15 minutes. Manuel Gerner profited from the error of goalkeeper Christoph Nicht. Austria Klagenfurt got level just before half time when Mladen Jutric tapped a saved header into the goal. The only to mention about the second half is the injury of young Dirk Mohr. He injured his knee ligaments and will be out for the at least 5 weeks.

End of a streak!

26-10-2018 | Austria Klagenfurt took on top of the table SV Reid today. SV Reid had complete control in this game and it resulted in a big win for them. The game even got worse when Ousseini Mounpain was sent off in the 19th minute after a two-feet challenge. After that, SV Reid was just using this game as target practice. They received a penalty in the 26th minute, which was succesfully scored by Thomas Reifeltshammer. They scored 4 goals in 10 minutes after that. In the 37th minute Darijo Pecirep scored a simple tap-in. 2 minutes later Manuel Kerhe put in the bottom left corner after a perfectly executed counter. On the 43rd minute Pecirep crossed the ball hard and low, which deflected of Marc Ortner in to the goal. In injury time SV Reid received another penalty after Patrick Greil tackeled Jonas Behounek. Thomas Reifeltshammer slotted it home. In the second half SV Reid took it a little lighter and it allowed Austria Klagenfurt to score a nice goal after a free kick was crossed in.

SKU Amstetten continues in the OFB-Cup

30-10-2018 | The third round of OFB-Cup saw Amstetten and Austria Klagenfurt taken on eachother. Austria Klagenfurt took control of the game, but didn’t create enough clear cut chances. After the half-time break Amstetten started attacking a bit more. In the 66th minute Amstetten started a counter which eventually resulted in a nice goal from Milan Vukovic. It marked the end of the cup-run of Austria Klagenfurt.

Another loss for SK Austria Klagenfurt

02-11-2018 | Mirnes Becirovic was on a roll today. His club FAC Vienna took on Austria Klagenfurt and it resulted in a nice hattrick for him. His first goal came in the 38th minute after he scored directly from a free-kick. Next goal came from the penalty spot. Marc Ortner handled the ball after a cross and Becirovic easily put it in the back of the net. His last goal was in the 66th minute, again from a free kick, his specialty.

Amstetten again takes on Austria Klagenfurt

30-11-2018 | After winning in the OFB-Cup to Austria Klagenfurt, the fans of SK Amstetten were optimistic for this game against the same opposition. But this time, Austria Klagenfurt got the better of Amstetten. After just 5 minutes Austria Klagenfurt took the lead after Marco Hödl scored a screamer from the edge of the box. The rest of the first half was a little low on chances. In the 69th minute Austria Klagenfurt doubled their lead when Volkan Akyildiz hit it hard into the right bottom corner. In the 76th minute Sasa Lazic took a free kick, it landed on the head of Volkan Akyildiz who notted it down to Daniel De Souza Mendes who just tapped it in.

Last game before the winter break

07-12-2018 | On a cold december evening Austria Klagenfurt welcomed Young Violets Austria to their ground. Austria Klagenfurt took an early lead when they set-up a nice attack and Sasa Lazic scored. After that goal, SK Austria Klagenfurt took control of the match. In the 56th minute Scott Kennedy put in the roof of the net after a free kick wasn’t cleared well enough. Young Violets Austria did something back, but it was already too late. They scored from a corner in the 93rd minute.

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