European Alphabet – Part 5

The season comes to a close. Our first season is a wrap and you can read here where we will end up in the league table.

Small crowd sees Austria Klagenfurt win again

19-04-2019 | Just 108 people came to see the match between FC Juniors ÖO and SK Austria Klagenfurt at the Waldstadion. Austria Klagenfurt took complete control of the game. After a few chances Austria Klagenfurt finally scored. In the 32nd minute Slobodan Mihajlovic scored after a nice pass over the top from Sandro Zakany. FC Juniors ÖO directly equalized when Philipp Vorraber headed a cross into the back of the net in the 33rd minute. Just before half time Austria Klagenfurt took the lead once more. Scott Kennedy put scored after a corner was crossed in. In the second half Austria Klagenfurt couldn’t convert their numerous chances into goals.

Austria Klagenfurt still undefeated

26-04-2019 | SK Vorwärts Steyr welcomed Austria Klagenfurt for nice evening of football. The first half was complete in favor of Austria Klagenfurt. They created a lot of chances which eventually resulted into two goals. Volkan Akyildiz scored in the 21st minute, when a cross was sent to the back of the box, which he slotted in the top right corner. Austria Klagenfurt doubled their lead in the 32nd minute when they got a free kick on the edge of the penalty area. The free kick was crossed in and headed into the net by Patrick Greil. In the second half SK Vorwärts Steyr did something back when they executed and scored a beautiful counterattack in the 52nd minute. Austria Klagenfurt restored their lead in the 65th minute when Marco Hödl headed the ball in after a cross from Patrick Wessely.

13 matches undefeated!

03-05-2019 | Another win for Austria Klagenfurt! This time they took on SV Lafnitz at home. All stats were in favor of Austria Klagenfurt and it resulted in a 2-0 win. Both halfs saw one goal. In the 37th minute Slobodan Mihajlovic scored from the edge of the box when SV Lafnitz failed to defend a corner. In the 66th minute Austria Klagenfurt’s Sandro Zakany took a free kick on the left side of the penalty area, which was perfectly placed onto the head of Patrick Greil. He headed it behind the keeper to make it 2-0.

Austria Klagenfurt finally loses

10-05-2019 | Austria Klagenfurt took on top of the table SV Reid to see if they could continue their undefeated run. Austria Klagenfurt started very defensively just to stop SV Reid getting any chances. It worked very well and they held the 0-0 score until late in the second half. After making some substitutions Austria Klagenfurt tried to force a goal, but SV Reid saw through it and scored themselves. Thomas Mayer scored in the 74th minute after receiving a cross and could score without any player from Austria Klagenfurt trying to stop him. And that was the end of the undefeated streak of Austria Klagenfurt.

Austria Klagenfurt clinically

17-05-2019 | In a match with a few chances it was Austria Klagenfurt who gained the upper hand at the end of the match. In the 68th minute started a counter after SKU Amstetten took their free kick complete wrong. At the end of the counter it was Sandro Zakany who slotted it home.

Game played in the first half

24-05-2019 | Austria Klagenfurt went to FAC Vienna for the penultimate match of the season. FAC Vienna was in complete control and all goals were scored in the first half. Andrej Todoroski scored from a cornerkick in the 23rd minute. 10 minutes later FAC Vienna made the 2-0 after they countered very well and Adolphe Belem put it behind the keeper. Just a minute later Austria Klagenfurt got a simple connecting goal when Stefan Umjenovic put the ball into his own goal when Christian Bubalovic kicked the ball at him trying to defend. The second half FAC Vienna just wanted to keep their lead and neither of the teams could create any chances.

Last game of the season. And what a season it was!

27-05-2019 | For the last match of the season Austria Klagenfurt took on Young Violets Austria. Too bad for Austria Klagenfurt it resulted in a loss. Austria Klagenfurt had a lot of shots but couldn’t create any clear cut chances. Young Violets took advantage of this fact and created just enough chances to win the game with 2-0. Their first goal came from the foot of Alexander Frank in the 53rd minute. Their second goal was created by the free kick of Petar Gluhakovic and scored by Igor in the 70th minute.

End of the season in the Erste Liga

28-05-2019 | The season has come to an end. After relegating in 2017 SV Reid is finally back where they belong after winning the Erste Liga, in the Austrian Bundesliga. Austria Klagenfurt amazed everybody by finishing in the top half as 6th. The teams that were relegated from the Erste Liga are FC Wacker Innsbruck II, FC Juniors ÖO and SV Lafnitz. From the Bundesliga TSV Hartberg is relegated and will play in the Erste Liga next season.

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