How to save money with transfers

It’s the best time of the season. Transfer period. You want new players for your squad, but also want to sell the players who aren’t playing for anymore. Buying or selling, you want the best deal on both. In this post I will show you a few tips and tricks to get the most out of the transfer period.

Buying players

You have found the perfect addition to your squad with extensive scouting and now you need to come with an offer. Every club wants to have the maximum price for their players, so what should you pay attention to when making an offer.

Listen to your scouts

Always make sure the player you are after is fully (100%) scouted. This way you have all information about the player, regarding his contract, the recommended price and attributes. But watch out for the recommended price. Often this is the compensation price as you can approach the player to sign him on a free.

Percentage of next sale clause

When I make an offer for a player I always look at the clauses and remove and exclude the ‘Percentage of next sale clause’ and the ‘Percentage of next sale profit clause’ from all further negotiations. Especially when you are buying a young player, the selling party will look for the best price in the long term. So they will almost always try to add a ‘Percentage of next (profit) sale’ clause to the offer.


After an offer is accepted you enter the contract negotiations. During this negotiations you can save even more money by removing certain clauses and add other clauses to protect the long-term future of the player at your club.

Release Clauses (Minimum, Relegation, Non Promotion)

Some agents of players will try to add a form of a release clause. In Football Manager 2018 there are 3 types of release clauses. The Minimum Fee Release Clause, the Relegation Release Clause and the Non Promotion Release Clause. These classes give other clubs the possibility to pay a certain amount for the player even if its lower than the value of the player. That is the reason you should always remove and exclude these clauses from the contract offer, otherwise you can lose the player sooner that you want.

Sell On Fee (Profit) Percentage

This clause gives the player a percentage of his future transfer fee if he is sold. As you can understand this clause will lose you a lot of money, especially when you sell a player for a lot of money. If an agent is insisting on using this clause, always use the Sell On Fee Profit Clause. This only gives a part of the profit, so for example if you buy a player for €20.000.000 and sell him 4 years later for an amount of €30.000.000 and in the contract of the player you have a Sell On Fee Profit Clause of 15%, you’ll have to pay him €1.500.000. If you choose the Sell On Fee Clause you’ll have to pay him €4.500.000. As you can see, these clauses will cost you more money can you’d like.

Match Highest Earner Clause

The Match Highest Earner Clause does excectly what it says. It gives the player the same wage as the highest earner at the club. The reason you don’t want this clause in a contract is because of the financial problems you can get. For example, when you are managing a club in the Championship and you want to buy a player which is perfect for your club at that moment, let’s call him Player A. You give the player a base wage of €15.000 a week and a contract for 4 years. After 2 years you are promoted to the Premier League and Player A who was a star in the Championship becomes a mediocre player in the Premier League. In the Premier League during the winter transferperiod you are buying a player which is much better than Player A, let’s call him Player B. Player B receives a contract for 2 years with a base wage of €30.000 a week. Because of the clause in Player A’s contract, his wage will raise to €30.000 for the next one-and-a-half year. You’ll lose €15.000 a week for 78 weeks which gives a total loss of €1.170.000.

Optional Contract Extension Clause

This is one of the clauses you want to add to your contract offer. This clause gives you the option to add the agreed number of years to the player’s contract at any point during the contract. All other terms will remain the same. So if you buy a wonderkid at age 17 with a contract of 3 years and you added this clause adding 3 more years, you can extend his contract to a maximum of 6 years even when he doesn’t want a new contract and wants to leave. Remember that when a player wants to leave, it can affect the dynamics in the squad.

Selling players

When selling a player you want as much money as you can get. You are in the driving seat and can set some groundrules during the negotiations.

Transfer date

Always check when a player will leave your club. When a player wants to leave and during the winter transferwindow you can try to let the player leave at the end of the season instead of immediately. This way you have some more time to find a good replacement for him.

Percentage of next sale clause

When you are buying a player this is a clause you don’t want in your offer, but when you are selling a player, this is the big one. This can bring you extra money when they are selling the player again. Always try to go for the ‘Percentage of next sale clause’ and use the ‘Percentage of next sale profit clause’ as a back-up. These clauses can fill your account for many years.

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