List of revealed #FM19Features

Miles Jacobson of Sports Interactive have been giving some new information about FM19 on his twitter ( Below you find all the new features he has been dropping.

Work permits

  • New media & press conference questions regarding different work permit situations.
  • You also get backroom advice regarding work permits
  • And work permit issues are taken into account better with the transfer system & board confidence.
  • You can now offer to loan to specific nations, to help with pesky work permit issues (for those in UK leagues, pre-Brexit…)
  • Players now have the option to reject a move if a work permit is rejected. Not just the manager/club.
  • And players now have the ability to reject a contract renewal if a work permit is rejected.
  • And managers now have a choice on whether to renew a players contract or not should a work permit be rejected.
  • And you can have conversations to try and persuade a player to still join you should a work permit be rejected
  • And conversations when you want to loan list a player who doesn’t have a work permit
  • You can now see how long a player has to go until you can reapply for a work permit on a players profile. And you get a message from your staff telling you when you can reapply too.

Other features

  • In the Italian league, backroom advice has been added for a when a player automatically fills a slot that has been freed by the manager.
  • Improved realism of tycoon nationalities for club takeovers.
  • Addition of the new Polish Central U18 league.
  • New format added for the Australian A-League Youth Competition.
  • Staff feedback added regarding player interest in pre-contract promises.
  • Ability to tell team meeting that player requested to be sold after players raise concerns
  • Added more window mode & resolution options in preferences
  • Add touchline shout reactions to player body language.
  • Improved squad management AI for B teams.
  • Additional roles/slots/instructions for positions that players take up at free kicks.
  • Improved squad rotation manager AI for lower priority cups

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