SAF Challenge: Episode 5

The transfer window is now closed and our second season is about to begin. Let’s go!

Season preview

After finishing 9th last season I was very curious where people think we would end this season. As you can see we are predicted to end on the 13th place. Well above the relegationzone, but far from the top half of the league. That will be our goal. Finishing in the top half. I’m not sure if we have the players to accomplish this, but we can try!


I listed the outgoing transfers here on the top. As you can see we lost our goalkeeper Mathew Ryan. As I told you last post, he was kicking up a fuss and wanted to leave. The squad was very divided on this issue and it caused some kind of uproar. When Manchester United came in with a offer of 15.25 million I quickly hit accept, let Mathew leave and started my search for a fitting replacement. I hoped Mathew would be the only player of our starting 11 leaving, but a few weeks before the end of the transfer-window West Bromwich Albion asked an enquiry for Connor Goldson. Despite finishing above West Brom last season Connor wasn’t pleased with me rejecting the enquiry. I have no idea why he wants to leave, but if he wants to, I won’t stop him. So I excepted a bid of 9 million from West Brom for him and so he left the club and left me to search for a replacement.

I want to thank my Head Scout for scouting so many countries. That way I had a good list of scouted players. Also I want to thank my Director of Football for advising two of the players we brought in. I’m sounding like I’m giving a thank-you speech at the Oscars :P. But I mean it, it was hard finding replacements for Ryan and Goldson, but with some help I managed and I got some other players too. As I stated in one of my first posts, we were in need of a left- and right-back. So together with the replacements we had 4 places to fill, left-back, right-back, centerback and goalkeeper. And what did we get? 5 players for the positions of goalkeeper, left-back, right-back, striker and a left-winger. So we filled almost every spot. The centerback position will be filled with the players we have left and Luca Buckland, a youngster with huge potential and playing very good in the last two matches of the last season.

So who did we get. Searching for a good goalkeeper is tough. Almost no goalkeepers were transfer listed and my scouts didn’t find anyone good who was allowed to leave their club. The only one coming up in the scouting reports was Oliver Baumann. This goalkeeper playing for Hoffenheim in Germany was unhappy and wanted to play for a bigger club. My scouts had scouted him for 100% and when I compared him with Mathew Ryan I saw his stats weren’t that bad, in some cases he was even better than Ryan. So I told the media he was a target for me and after a few weeks he was transfer listed by request. I immediately bid the required amount (7,5 million) and I had my replacement.

The other transferstory is the one of Andrea Conti. For some reason this 24 year old player was fallen out of favor at AC Milan and was transfer listed. My Director of Football came to me and said to me I should look at him. After some scouting and the fact we needed a right-back I was sold. His stats were good for our team according to my scouts and the price was reasonable. And for the total sum of 13,5 million we bought our right-back.

In total we bought 5 players for a sum of almost 46 million, we sold players for a sum of 31 million, resulting in a loss of 15 million this transfer-window. There is still some money in the bank, but that will stay there until the next transfer-window.

Let’s start the season! See you in the next post!

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